Misfit Co
  • Bleeding to the edges since 2008.

    Misfit is a gloriously eclectic collection of businesses and social enterprises spread across the planet. We build, invest in and manage companies with a heart beat.

  • Empowering the rebellious with obscene creativity.

    At Misfit, we have a full-service internal creative agency that works closely with all of our portfolio companies across the world, and we also operate the premiere revenue marketing agency for venture-backed startups in the US.

  • We empower the rebellious.

    Misfit Ventures is the most value add angel fund in the world. We supplement our portfolio company’s existing teams with world class marketing, pr and sales enablement manpower. Learn more here.
    A very short list of some of the delectable businesses in our portfolio.


    • Unplugged
    • Dream Factory
    • Apothecary

    Food & Beverage

    • Blue Run Spirits
    • Akua
    • Herby

    Media & Entertainment

    • Byline Media
    • Fyli
    • Gold Rush Vinyl
    • Secret Cinema


    • Buttered Toast
    • Thumos
    • Cloak of Fiction


    • Safara
    • Pear Bio
    • Clim8
    • Nomio
    • Sama
    • RecDek
    • Actable
    • EarGym


    • Dashlabs
    • Worldr
    • Jennis
    • Rassa
    • Fika
    • Prayer Group
    • Venture Funds
    • Zinc Ventures
  • Handcrafting independent film, tv and podcasts for misfits, outcasts and general riff raff around the world.

    Misfit Productions is the award winning film studio behind Confection, New Year, Starship Impossible and Death is Smoking my Cigars. In addition to handcrafting our very own films and original content, we conceptualise, script, illustrate and animate films for brands across the globe through our disgustingly creative in-house animation studio. We’re also in pre-production of our first podcast series detailing the greatest startup fraud story never told. Learn more here.

  • Changing the world through wildly independent and consistently unrelated acts of generosity.

    Misfit has initiated and financed a wide collection of absurdly eclectic philanthropic activities all over the world, wholly subsidised by the profits from our commercial activities. We build windmills, construct schools, fund medical programmes, provide direct aid to families, craft multi-million dollar fundraising appeals for charities, commission artwork, sponsor research programmes and annually underwrite thousands of hours of brand identity, digital, design, video, campaign and strategic consulting work for organisations who are hell-bent on changing the world. Since 2008, we have invested in programmes and organisations across South Sudan, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Malawi, Uganda, South Africa, Indonesia, India, Laos, Cuba, the United States, the UK and the Philippines. We even have our very own Writer-in-Residence programme hosted at our eccentric abode personally designed by our founder in Stratford-upon-Avon. Follow on Instagram.

  • Every sprawling organisation needs it’s cult leader, ours happens to be a Cuban gypsy.

    AJ Leon is an author, designer, philanthropist, filmmaker, investor, award-winning animation director and champagne enthusiast. Learn more about his vision, ethos and work here.

  • Concocting random stuff that strikes our fancy for no particular or pragmatic reason whatsoever.

    Misfit Labs is the independent art + innovation studio of our founder and creative director AJ Leon. AJ works with a small in-house team of artists and technologists supplemented at times with independent collaborators across the globe, to develop and pursue a wide array of artistic endeavors including original art concepts and installations, immersive theatre shows, custom shoes, pre-batch negroni recipes & mobile applications that solve issues real business people won’t waste their time with, among many other peculiar projects.